Game Art

A digital image of a red and gold helicopter-like vehicle. It is on a black background.


As a graduate of LCAD’s Game Art program, you will be multi-disciplined, team-minded, industry-ready, and employable in any studio, style, or software environment.


LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art provides a safe and collaborative environment in which you may reach your full creative potential and make the interactive worlds you have always dreamed about.

Our Game Art program is driven by an inspiring community of talented students who challenge one another and by faculty who will motivate you to create work you never thought possible.

Our instructors are a combination of awe inspiring game industry veterans who lead students in cutting edge game techniques and spectacular creatives from other walks of life who will keep you thinking about different approaches to designing in the real world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize effective problem-solving techniques when addressing concept challenges.
  • Apply material rendering fundamentals to finalization of projects
  • Apply fundamentals of storytelling at all aspects of the creation process
  • Apply color theory effectively to composition and hierarchy of navigation through art or game space.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of value, structure, and shape language.
  • Utilize an efficient workflow methodology.
  • Utilize effective conscious polyflow methodologies to allow for proper rendering, good deformation when animating, and clean unwraps.

Department Leadership

Jason Photo

Chair of Game Art

Jason Oualline

Jason is a designer and educator with a background in architecture and mechanization. He began his journey with LCAD in 2016 when he enrolled in the MFA in Game Design program. Since graduation, he has taught in both the graduate and undergraduate game programs and ultimately took on the role of Chair for the BFA Game Art program in the summer of 2020. He has rendered services in a number of different realms ranging from architecture, brand development, animation, games, and of course, academia. With two decades of teaching experience, Jason has influenced and aided thousands of students towards their goals and aspirations and into their careers.

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