Animation character poses of a girl with red hair making multiple facial expressions.

Character Animation

Character animation is the art of creating not only motion but also emotion over time.


Whether working with paper, pixels or puppets, as an Animation major at Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD), you will become skilled at shaping compelling frame-by-frame performances that inspire viewers to accept that the characters on screen are alive with genuine thoughts and sincere emotions. LCAD’s BFA program in Animation is dedicated to ensuring that you become an exceptional storyteller who understands the entire process of filmmaking from script to screen. You will develop your abilities in traditional animation with classic artistic skills and then enhance that knowledge with fluency in the latest digital tools. Our Animation faculty is comprised of experienced industry professionals who are here to help you bring your characters to life in your own unique style.

Industry Partners

Cartoon Network
Industrial Light & Magic
The Jim Henson Company
Obsidian Entertainment
Renegade Animation
South Park Studios
Telltale Games
Warner Bros.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create convincing, feature-quality animation of original characters that allows personality and emotion to dictate unique acting choices, expressions and movement.
  • Pitch stories clearly and succinctly, showing an understanding of structure and character and the ability to elevate the material by incorporating group critique.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills necessary for collaboration in group productions.
  • Demonstrate competence in filmmaking disciplines such as directing, screenwriting, editing, sound design and cinematography.

Department Leadership

Dan Photo

Chair of Animation

Dan Boulos

Dan Boulos is a classically trained animator and story artist with screen credits including Beauty and the Beast (Walt Disney Feature Animation), Space Jam (Warner Brothers Feature Animation) and The Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks Feature Animation). After more than a decade in the feature film industry in Los Angeles Dan moved to Honolulu where he founded Wiki Wiki Cartoons. During his years in Hawaii he developed animation programs for the University of Hawaii Community College System as well UH Manoa, the 4-year research campus.

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