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LCAD COVID Prevention Plan

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Keeping the LCAD Community up to Date on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) The coronavirus is on many people’s minds, and the countless sources of information, including mass media, social media and rumors, often lead to confusion, misunderstanding and stress. If you would like to seek out the latest news, detailed information and preventative measures regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve provided a list of websites below that are updated and maintained by governmental organizations at various levels, ranging from local to global:


Government Websites with Detailed Coronavirus Information:

  1. Orange County:
  2. Center for Disease Control:
  3. World Health Organization:


We will be updating this public-facing page as needed, and adding additional resources as the situation warrants. In the meantime, should you continue to have questions or concerns, we invite you return to check this site, as well as the sites listed above on a regular basis.


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