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CLASSICAL AND CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE TECHNIQUES As a student of LCAD’s Sculpture Minor, you will explore a range of classical and contemporary techniques that support your individual artistic practices.   LCAD’s Sculpture Minor offers you a 15-credit sequential curriculum focused on classical figurative sculpture, armature building, mold making, casting, and fantasy sculpture. Courses in the Sculpture …

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BECOME A BETTER-ROUNDED ARTIST As a Minor in Illustration at LCAD, you will become a better-rounded artist with quality portfolio pieces relevant for a variety of career opportunities.   Minoring in Illustration will enable you to gain an understanding of the illustrator’s studio processes and business practices. As an Illustration minor, you also will further your …

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Graphic Design + Digital Media

FOUNDATIONAL CONCEPTS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN + DIGITAL MEDIA LCAD’s Graphic Design + Digital Media Minor offers you an array of entry-level courses aimed at introducing you to the foundational concepts of LCAD’s Graphic Design + Digital Media Major.  


Entertainment Design

Earning a minor in Entertainment Design furthers your ability to effectively create 2-D images while gaining an understanding of the concept illustrator’s studio processes, business practices, and history. It encourages the creation of a variety of imagery related to storytelling for Entertainment Design applications. Topics covered include environment, character, prop design, and storyboarding. A minor in …

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Drawing + Painting Minor

REPRESENTATIONAL DRAWING + PAINTING LCAD’s Drawing + Painting Minor offers you intensive instruction in representational drawing and painting with an emphasis on classical and contemporary methods and techniques.   The Drawing + Painting Minor curriculum encourages your individual artistic accomplishment and is designed to give you the skills necessary to develop your personal concepts.  


Creative Writing – Minor

DEEPEN YOUR UNDERSTANDINGS OF THE LITERARY LANDSCAPE LCAD’s Creative Writing Minor will deepen your understandings of the literary landscape and the interconnectedness of the arts.   As a Creative Writing minor at LCAD, you will discover how powerful literature can be as both a written and spoken expression, and will learn firsthand the vital role …

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Art History – Minor

ART APPRECIATION AND ART HISTORY LCAD’s Art History Minor will enrich your creative foundations, expand your educational portfolio, and broaden your teaching opportunities in the fields of art appreciation and art history.   LCAD’s Art History Minor is conducted under the guidance of mentor professors who tailor specific readings, journaling, and writing projects to broaden …

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Animation – Minor

PRINCIPLES OF ANIMATION LCAD’s Animation Minor offers you an opportunity to broaden your career options by learning the principles of animation in both traditional (hand-drawn) and cg (computer generated) mediums.   LCAD’s Animation Minor emphasizes full animation with acting choices and expressions dictated by personality. You may choose to apply the skills you learn to …

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