Art Spotlight Courses

1-Unit "Art Spotlight" Courses

An alternative way for you to fulfill your Liberal Arts elective requirement!

Of course, you may still take care of that by completing any 3-unit class in the Liberal Arts. But now, we are offering another option: over the course of your 8 semesters at LCAD, you may take any three 1-unit Spotlight classes instead!

Every semester we will run 1 or 2 Art Spotlight courses to choose from. These will meet once per week for 50 minutes. In the past, we have run 1-Unit Spotlights such as Poetry Appreciation, Psychoanalysis and Dream Theory, Poetry Writing Workshop, and Healing Practices Workshop. This fall we will offer these two Spotlights:

• Writing Subversive Narratives - Formula Storytelling and plot archetypes, and how the rules can be bent, twisted & broken.

• Classical Mythology - Heroes, Gods, and the Universe. A survey of ancient Greek and Roman stories and their relevance to today's world.


Art Spotlight Courses

The Greatest Video Games of All Time • The Beatles and Dylan • Yoga, Massage, Meditation
Tattoo Art • Font Wars • Standup Comedy as a Critique of Americana • Miyazaki • Nine Old Men and Grandpa Simpson • Sex and the Psychology of Love: Shakespeare and Freud • Wikileaks• Classical Music • Alexander McQueen & Stella McCartney • The Draped Figure in Art • The Art, Culture, and Significance of Zombies • Modern Architecture • Art and Madness • Mucha and Erté • The Coen Brothers and Hitchcock • The Gaming Culture • Writing Poetry • Gothic and the Grotesque in Art, Literature, and Music • The Wire & TV's Best Writing • The Matrix and Philosophy • The '60s • Garage Bands , Punk , and the Decline of the Record Industry • From Bikinis to Burkas: Women and Fashion • The Art of the Professional Pitch • David Carson • Costume Design in Games & Film • The Blues, Jazz, and America • The Short Film • In the Steps of Martha Graham • The Documentary • Lucien Freud • Swiss Design • Art for Social Change • World Religions • Linguistics and the History of Slang

Street Art: Blek Le Rat, Banksy, Graffiti, Wheatpaste, Shepard Fairey, etc.

Art of the Handmade: Silkscreen, Textile Art, Quilting, Knitting, and Haute Couture

Capes, Cloaks & Crew Necks: A brief survey of the fashions of the Harry Potter saga

Art and Memory: An exploration of Art's role in the production and preservation of memories

Art Outside the Museum: Guerilla Girls, Gutai Group, Kaprow's Happenings, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Act-Up, Butoh, etc.

Art Thefts, Fakes and Forgeries: Ethics of ownership, museums & looting, repatriation, custody, "Originals" vs. copies, etc.

Art and Magic: Talismans, Demons, Satanism, Sorcery, Ecstasy, Melancholy, the Malleus Maleficarum, Genius and Genii, etc.